Monday 19 September 2016


This is the third event in the fest, in this event the participantrs will be given some technique for wchich they have to implement a HTML code that should not have any sort of errors, the best designer will be decided the winner. similar to other 2 events participation fee is 100/- , participation certificate will be given to every one , merit certificates and cash prizes for winners.


This is the second event in cse dept, in this event LOGICA the participants will be given a simple explanation on some topic for which they have to find out the logic that can be implemented in any programable languages. The winners will be awarded cash prices and the entry of this event charger 100 rupees, a certificate will be provided for each and every participant and nextly the winners will be also awarded with merit certificates


In this event called coding we will be giving you a small logic for which u have to create a code . Patricipation fee will be 100 and each and every student will be given participation certificte and the top 2 winners will be given cash prices. winners will be decided on the basis of time.i.e., FASTEST FINGER FIRST.